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Tim Head Ph.D R.C.C.




Tim Head Marriage Teens Family Counselling Therapist


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Family transitions


Where are your offices? 2657 127 St. in the South Surrey, BC White Rock area close to Crescent Beach, and, Suite 105, 5007 47A Ave in downtown Ladner, B.C


How much does it cost? $100 for a session lasting an hour to an hour and a quarter


How do I make an appointment? By phone 604-728-5207 or email timhead@shaw.ca


How long does it take to get an appointment? I can usually see you fairly quickly, the next day if I have a cancellation.


Is there any coverage? I am approved as a therapist by the B.C. Crime Victim Assistance Program, which provides coverage for some children and adults. Other possible funding through Employee Assistance Plans offered by employers or unions, eg, BCGEU.


Do you specialize in working with men or women, children or teens? Im equally comfortable with men and women and work with them in about equal numbers. I am happy to see your teen; I recommend acting quickly as soon as they say they are willing.


What does R.C.C. stand for? Registered Clinical Counsellor. It means I am registered with The B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors www.bc-counsellors.org/ They provide and demand a standard of professional and ethical behavior, provide ongoing professional updates, and investigate complaints, through the courts if necessary.


Have you had any complaints? I encourage open and honest feedback about all feelings including complaints. I know I am not perfect, and in addition that the therapeutic process can generate some sensitive feelings. I have not received any formal complaints since becoming a member of BCACC or at any prior time.


How long have you been counselling professionally? Full-time since around 1999 and part-time for a long time before that.