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Tim Head Ph.D  R.C.C.


About me


Tim Head




        Married with one daughter.




·        Ph.D in Developmental Psychology, U.B.C.

(Specialized in Family Attachment Relationships, and in Developmental Psychopathology)


·         Master’s Degree in Health Education, U.B.C.

        (Specialized in child issues of neglect, physical and sexual abuse)




·         One year Psychology – Family Counselling Internship. 

·         Many years experience as a family counsellor (since 2005 in private practice, prior to that four with Delta Youth Services). 

·          One year as a Clinical Consultant to foster parents. 

·         Additional six years in part time private practice. 

·         Twelve years of experience working with children, youth and families in group homes, family homes, and therapy office settings - including work experience with autistic teens, teens on probation, homeless people, and individuals with drug and alcohol addictions combined with other psychiatric disorders. 

·         Past facilitator of workshops in counselling.






Everyone, no matter how old or unhappy -- can learn, grow, solve problems, and let go of suffering.


For each of us, well-being is more than possible, and achievable through understandable methods of self-care.


Couples can engage in good communication and cultivate a healthy relationship if they accept that their own and their partners’ intentions are good (assumption of good will), and assume that understanding is possible (assumption of understanding) but requires patience and hard work (assumption of commitment to relationship, and perhaps therapy).