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Tim Head Ph.D R.C.C.


Practice Areas and Influences



In general I work with clients at multiple levels according to what best fits with each individual or family emotional and psychological, breath and body (internal sensation and other experience), and spiritual.


Counselling Areas:




Individual counselling

Teen counselling



Bullying issues

Self-esteem work

Grief or loss

Childhood neglect and abuse issues

Family of origin work / psychotherapy

Drug or alcohol issues

Work problems

Road rage / Anger

Life transitions

Stress reduction

Healing of trauma





Family counselling

Marriage or couples counselling

Parenting challenges

Parenting through divorce

Conflict resolution

Communication building

Families affected by mental illness

Any Individual item above




I have a general interest in experiential, non-intellectual therapies. In coordinating and balancing various influences I am guided by my Satir family and individual counselling training. It is highly positive and allows for considerable flexibility. (Satir is one of the pioneers of family therapy see www.satirpacific.org ). Other influences include attachment theory and research, Option counselling, somatic experiencing and breath work, and the Socratic dialogue.